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Ella-0 England *nix, Computer Graphics and Compilers enthusiast.

Ella-0/warvk 14

WAyland Rust VulKan compositor

Ella-0/lazybox 6

development moved to iglunix/iglunix

Ella-0/grime 1

Repository for the grime language specification, compiler and standard libraries.

Ella-0/grime-docs 1

The documentation for the Grime programming language and associated tools. (not up to date)

Ella-0/grime-lib 1

The Grime standard library

Ella-0/grimec 1

The Grime Compiler

Ella-0/glfw 0

A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input

fork joeftiger/warvk

WAyland Rust VulKan compositor

fork in 3 days


started time in 2 months