Eliot EliotVU Eliot van Uytfanghe Belgium Hobbyist Programmer, currently working on my UnrealScript extension for VSCode!

EliotVU/Unreal-Library 111

A decompiler library for Unreal packages such as .upk and .u files, supporting Unreal Engine 1, 2, and 3.

EliotVU/Forms 17

Forms is a GUI framework for the Unreal Development Kit. Programmed in UnrealScript independent of Scaleforms and UIScene. Inspired by OOP and subobjects semantics of the Unreal Engine 2 GUI's framework.

EliotVU/UnrealScript-Language-Service 15

Bringing a work-in-progress intelliSense to ye olde UnrealScript :)

EliotVU/UT2004-MutBestTimes 5

A records keeping mutator for UT2004's popular Trial maps.

EliotVU/Addon-Image-Resizer 4

Resize any image on the web with the Firefox add-on Image Resizer/Scaler! (2012)

EliotVU/UT-Trials 4

A WIP Trials Mod for Unreal Tournament. A continuation of UT2004 BTimes.

EliotVU/UT2004-LevelConfigManager 3

An UnrealEd Mutator allowing you to modify the game to your choice. (2006-2010)

EliotVU/UT2004-AccessPlus 2

AccessPlus is a UT2004 administration mutator. It is based on AdminPlus, adding dozen more admin commands to manage your server.

EliotVU/UnrealScriptIDE 1

a Sublime Text 2 plug-in for UnrealScript

EliotVU/UT2004-ConstructorGun 1

The infamous constructor gun UT2004 mod. Created by .:..:(marco). Note this source code includes a bunch of modifications that haven't seen the light!


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