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Elle Ezbian Echolalien London Creative Technologist and Artist - Physical computing, electronics, fabrication, embedded C and, on the rare occasion, C++.

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Echolalien/gardens 0

Consensus decisions/social consequences in communal gardening

Echolalien/ggracy 0

GGracy - A 2d CNC plotter using CoreXY

Echolalien/ret101 0

Remedial Empathy Training 101 (EMG facial expression tarot reading)

Echolalien/squeekboard-dvp 0

Basic Programmer-Dvorak-lite layout for Squeekboard

Echolalien/summoning 0

horrible robotic face

Echolalien/widgbtm 0

What If Data Gloves, But Too Much? (Low-profile gyroscopic capacitive keyer)