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EarToEarOak/RTLSDR-Scanner 560

A cross platform Python frequency scanning GUI for the OsmoSDR rtl-sdr library

EarToEarOak/RF-Monitor 33

RF signal monitor

EarToEarOak/SDRSharp-Net-Remote 28

A network remote control plugin for SDRSharp.

EarToEarOak/DDS-Sine-Sweep 12

A sweeping sine signal source based on the STM8S-Discovery and a cheap AD9850 module. Capable of frequencies from 1Hz to 60MHz.

EarToEarOak/Wild-Find 10

A software suite designed to track and map the locations of VHF transmitters which are typically used to locate wildlife in ecological studies.

EarToEarOak/STM32F4-HD44780 9

An interrupt driven library for HD44780-based LCD displays

EarToEarOak/ebbbe 7

8-Bit Breadboard Emulator

EarToEarOak/ESP8266-Monitor 6

Broadcasts the current state of an ESP8266 and DS18b20 temperature monitor, using deep sleep mode to keep current draw to a minimum - ideal for battery powered projects.

EarToEarOak/Location-Bridge 4

A server for Windows GPS sensors

EarToEarOak/Zabbix-Graph-Utilities 4

Zabbix Graph Utilities