Sebastiaan Lubbers Duikmeester @broadhorizon Hoorn, The Netherlands

Duikmeester/B2XTranslator 1

Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML

Duikmeester/AdvaniaGIT 0

Source Control Management for NAV C/AL

Duikmeester/AL 0

AL language code samples for developing extensions for Dynamics NAV

Duikmeester/al-object-designer 0

AL Object Designer for Dynamics 365 Business Central development

Duikmeester/Assistive-Context-Aware-Toolkit 0

Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit

Duikmeester/ATF 0

Authoring Tools Framework (ATF) is a set of C#/.NET components for making tools on Windows. ATF has been in continuous development in Sony's Worldwide Studios central tools group since early 2006. ATF has been used by most Sony first party game studios to make many custom tools such as Naughty Dog’s level editor and shader editor for The Last of Us, Guerrilla Games’ sequence editor for Killzone games (including the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 launch title), an animation blending tool at Santa Monica Studios, a level editor at Bend Studio, a visual state machine editor for Quantic Dream, sound editing tools, and many others.

Duikmeester/BejeweledBotDotNet 0

A screen viewing application that calibrates itself for the bejeweled window and analyses crystals within to produce a smart decision on what to swap.

Duikmeester/Blazor 0

An experimental web UI framework using C#/Razor and HTML, running in the browser via WebAssembly