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Dimagog/AsyncGET 16

Sample code for

Dimagog/persistent_vector 13

PersistentVector is an array-like collection of values indexed by contiguous 0-based integer index

Dimagog/ 4

Dimagog Blog

Dimagog/direct2ledger 3

Import transactions directly from banks into Ledger and automatically classify them

Dimagog/mint2ledger 2

Convert Mint-exported CSV into Ledger format

Dimagog/into-ledger 1

Most efficient and accurate tool to categorize and import expenses into ledger

Dimagog/book 0

The work-in-progress book for nushell

Dimagog/catnip 0

A web based Clojure IDE

Dimagog/gym-http-api 0

API to access OpenAI Gym from other languages via HTTP

Dimagog/ofxclient 0

Bank transaction downloader and python OFX client libraries

issue openedpengx17/logseq-plugin-tabs

Please add a way to click on a page and open it in a new tab

ctrl+click currently creates a new tab in the background. Please add a way (like ctrl+shift+click) to both create a new tab and open it (while keeping the current tab as-is). Similar to how Chrome does it.

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issue commentDimagog/persistent_vector

Future plans?

Hi Marten, I need this library to remain stand-alone and with no dependencies. Can you simply refer users of your library to this one and conditionally implement required protocols when it’s present?


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I’ve signed CLA


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Fixed 2 typos

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Dmitry Kakurin

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Update Fixed 2 typos

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fork Dimagog/tarpc

An RPC framework for Rust with a focus on ease of use.

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