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A.Dilshaad Dilshaad21 IIT Mandi, HP Pre-final year CSE IIT Mandi | GCI'19 Mentor | Finalist Winner @fossasia Codeheat 2019-20

Dilshaad21/Aurdo 1

This is a integrated web app with chat bot and many other features made for the modern retail markets. Built using Django

Dilshaad21/babagkachatbox 1

a discussion board

Dilshaad21/coala 1

coala provides a unified command-line interface for linting and fixing all your code, regardless of the programming languages you use.

Dilshaad21/open-event-server 1

The Open Event Organizer Server to Manage Events |

Dilshaad21/ 0

Codeheat Contest 2019

Dilshaad21/Add-cover-art 0

Change cover photo of all your songs automatically using python


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fork hpdang/volunteers

Volunteers management system for the FOSDEM conference

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fork akshatnitd/My-Portfolio

A static frontend website using HTML/CSS/Bootstrap as per the requirements of my user centric frontend development milestone project. This is a portfolio website created in a minimalist way to introduce myself to the web user.

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fork akshatnitd/veritas_vinos

An online shop to purchase wine

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created repositoryhpdang/-fossasia-fosdem-static

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created repositoryhpdang/fossasia-fosdem-content

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fork akshatnitd/The-Dublin-School-of-Drums--MS1

1st Milestone Project by Aaron Harbourne as a student of The Code Institute. The site is for an imaginary school for drumming called The Dublin School of Drums.

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