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Kim Verner Soldal Dadle Capgemini Oslo Managing Enterprise Architect for AI & Data Science team at Capgemini in Norway. Working on Machine Learning projects on and off work for fun and pure pleasure.

CapgeminiNorway/RocketLeagueAIFrontEnd 3

Web Front-end for submission of new Rocket League AI bots and presentation of tournament results

CapgeminiNorway/RocketLeagueAIBackEnd 1

Python Back-end for running Rocket League AI tournament and managing bots

Dadle/Driver_DancePoker 0

Win10 driver for dancepad implemented to control pokerstars online poker application (Mapped to F keys...)

Dadle/keras 0

Deep Learning for humans

Dadle/RLBot 0

A framework that allows people to write their own Rocket League bots.

Dadle/Saltie 0

Rocket League Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning Bot

Dadle/SerpentAI_GameAgent_KingdomClassic 0

SerpentAI based game agent running CNN and LSTM ANN to play the game Kingdom Classic

Dadle/SerpentAI_plugins 0

Game agents built on SerpentAI