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Crazyphil/boot-unlocker 3

BootUnlocker for Nexus Devices -- Unlock your bootloader without fastboot

Crazyphil/acra 1

Application Crash Reports for Android

Crazyphil/android-money-manager-ex 0

Android version of Money Manager Ex

Crazyphil/apps 0

Repo for ownCloud apps. Code here is work in progress and not intended for endusers

Crazyphil/Baikal 0

Baïkal is a Calendar+Contacts server

Crazyphil/core 0

The ownCloud core

Crazyphil/EGO 0

Einsatz-Gesamtorganisation - An Android app for aiding Red Cross emergency operations by providing target finding and doctor/hospital information.

Crazyphil/fogproject 0

An open source computer cloning & management system