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codelingo/ReviewDemonstration 0

This repo demonstrate's CodeLingo's GitHub review flow

CodeLingoBot/100-Best-Novels-of-the-20th-Century 0

List of the 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century as dictated by both the Readers and the Board of Randomhouse publishers.

CodeLingoBot/6 0

Each version of Pressflow is API-compatible with the same major Drupal version. For example, Pressflow 6 is compatible with all Drupal 6 modules. Pressflow 6 also integrates the SimpleTest system from Drupal 7 and the CDN support patch.

CodeLingoBot/a16-fake-rtrd 0

RPKI-RTR Daemon for importing IRR data instead of ROA

CodeLingoBot/access 0

Trivial access(1) implemtations in Go and C

CodeLingoBot/ackintosh-snidel 0

Snidel makes it easier for all PHP developers to work with parallel processing.