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Supervisor crashes with add-on and hassio not accessible anymore

It is whenever the add-on is running. If I install everything with or without the add-on, it goes fine. As soon as the add-on is started, it’s pure luck. I can get it running for a few minutes or it silently crashes immediately. The thing is that I have no indication whatsoever, I just have no access to the web interface or the app.

Since then, I did some additional tests and found out that it mostly crashes with the 64bit version. With the 32bit, it seems to work but is highly unresponsive. I now have a 32bit version installed but not started and my whole setup is working fine.


On 28 April 2021 at 17:26:46, Shamshala ***@***.***) wrote:

Is it right after you start the Unifi addon when your HA stops working or is it after, for instance, reboot of your host?

Because something just crashed my HA after reboot (basically no errors from Core or Supervisor, webinterface not unaccessible) and i wasn't even able to recover it via latest snapshot (same result). So i recovered the system via snapshot of the entire drive (which was significantly older) and updated each thing one by one, except Unifi addon, and it seems like everything is ok now.

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