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Christopher Byrd ChrisByrd14 @RRFCU Texarkana, TX WGU Texas grad from East Texas with experience in Laravel, Python, and C#. Member of @TxkUG.

ChrisByrd14/C195-DB-Seeder 1

Python-based MySQL database seeder for WGU's C195 project.

ChrisByrd14/dumserver 1

A modern MU* engine re-imagined, actively developed and properly tracked.

ChrisByrd14/AllYourData 0

The slideshow and code for the the March 2018 Web Scraping Presentation

ChrisByrd14/core 0

Main pip package location for Masonite

ChrisByrd14/discord-rpbot 0

A Discord bot that contains commands useful for text roleplaying

ChrisByrd14/falcon 0

The minimalist web API framework for building reliable, correct, and high-performance REST APIs, microservices, proxies, and app backends in Python.

ChrisByrd14/guy 0

Graphics User Ynterface : a simple module for making GUI applications (with html/js) for py3 ... to target windows, linux, mac & android