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Hector Zarate ChocoChipset Spotify Stockholm, Sweden Engineer Manager at @spotify

ChocoChipset/Bravo 31

Bravo is an Objective-C library to simplify the extraction of metadata from JPEG files.

ChocoChipset/GameOfLife 17


boxysean/airadio 10

Autonomous Interactive Radio

ChocoChipset/Disposition 7

Disposition is a set of functions to modify the attributes of a CGRect structure in an easier way.

ChocoChipset/DebuggingLab1 1

Debugging Lab

ChocoChipset/EZAudio 1

An iOS and OSX audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations.

ChocoChipset/FingerDrawingView 1

UIView sub-class that enables finger drawing.

ChocoChipset/InstagramImagePicker-iOS 1

A Instagram image picker providing a simple UI for a user to pick photos from a users Instagram account. It provides an image picker interface that matches the iOS SDK's UIImagePickerController.

ChocoChipset/ios-style 1

Guidelines for iOS development in use at Spotify

ChocoChipset/ABPadLockScreen 0

A simple keypad lock screen for the iPad