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Dmitry Remesov CharlieRoot Rostov-na-Donu, Russia

CharlieRoot/QuickCHM 5

This is fix fork for QuickCHM QuickLook Generator (

CharlieRoot/QuickLookCorel 5

This is QuickLook thumbnail generator for CorelDRAW Graphics Files (.CDR). Also included small tool for exploring RIFF container files

CharlieRoot/CheckTRIM 2

Simple utility to check TRIM status in OS X and trying to patch the kext to turn it on

CharlieRoot/QPile-Sublime-Syntax 2

Sublime Text syntax definition for QPile

CharlieRoot/marcopolo 1

This is David Symond's MarcoPolo 2.5.1 (pulled from patched for 64-bit Snow Leopard

CharlieRoot/mdcm 1

mDCM - A DICOM library in C#

CharlieRoot/jquery-calendar 0

Simple jQuery month calendar plugin

CharlieRoot/mxe 0

MXE (M cross environment)

delete tag CharlieRoot/z-i

delete tag : SYNCING

delete time in 3 months