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pyknite/catwm 207

catwm is a very simple tiling window manager

Cesura/nxsh 66

BusyBox-like remote shell for the Nintendo Switch over telnet

Cesura/pastey 58

A lightweight, self-hosted paste platform

Cesura/aery 1

A slim web framework written in D

Cesura/meraki 1

A kernel written from the ground up in C and assembly, with the intention of having all kernel- and user-land applications run on an interpreter.

Cesura/packagemanager 1

NOTE: very very messy, also some fairly terrible C memory management, *also* it's yeah, stay away! ======== A peer-to-peer Linux package manager, using a central tracker for distributed file transfers

Cesura/avologo 0

A fast, lightweight, and modular log aggregation tool

Cesura/botrolf 0

A Facebook chat API bot written in node.js

Cesura/conkify 0

Conky setup for showing Spotify album artwork on the desktop