LeoIannacone/DroneMission 2

Case study that analyzed and developed a software solution for Civil Protection, in order to control and drive a UAV

CarloAntenucci/AndroidSensorSupport 1

A model for sensors and sensors data in Android

CarloAntenucci/svelte-calendar 0

A lightweight datepicker with neat animations and a unique UX.

LeoIannacone/rpsls 0

Simple Game - Case Study

issue openedbeyonk-adventures/svelte-carousel

Dots option not working

I cannot deactivate the dots. I've installed the latest version of svelte-carousel: npm list @beyonk/svelte-carousel svelte-components └── @beyonk/svelte-carousel@2.4.0

But seems the markup is not up to date to what i can see in this repo. Here you are the component source in node_modules: <div class="carousel"> <button class="left" on:click={left}> <slot name="left-control"></slot> </button> <div class="slides" bind:this={siema}> <slot></slot> </div> <ul> {#each pips as pip, i} <li on:click={() => go(i)} class={currentIndex === i ? "active" : ""}></li> {/each} </ul> <button class="right" on:click={right}> <slot name="right-control"></slot> </button> </div>

Can you check it?

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fork CarloAntenucci/svelte-calendar

A lightweight datepicker with neat animations and a unique UX.

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issue openedmdauner/sveltejs-forms

Backend errors

In order to reuse the form errors management also for backend messages (Eg: duplicated email on signup), could be useful add the errors store to the object passed as parameter to the submit event.

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fork CarloAntenucci/react-habitat

⚛️ 🛅 A React DOM Bootstrapper designed to harmonise a hybrid 'CMS + React' application.

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