Caio99BR-Deprecated/FalconSSKernel 3

FalconSSKernel for Sony Xperia E1 - Android KitKat - CAF Based

Caio99BR-Deprecated/FalconSSKernel0 2

FalconSSKernel0 for Sony Xperia E1 - Android KitKat - Open Source Based

TeamVee-Backup/android_kernel_sony_falconss-opensource-backup 2

Open Source Backup - Just in case of search

Caio99BR-Deprecated/dirtydump 1

TeamVee/android_bootable_recovery 1

TeamVee TWRP w/ Small Fixes for CyanogenMod

TeamVee-Backup/DualBootPatcher 1

Patches Android ROMs for dual boot support

TeamVee-Kanas/android_kernel_samsung_kanas 1

Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Core 2

Caio99BR/Caio99BR 0

Config files for my GitHub profile.

Caio99BR/Neko 0

Free, open source, unofficial MangaDex reader for Android

Caio99BR-Deprecated/ablobs 0

Slim script to tracer blobs for ROMs

issue commentChendoChap/pOOBs4

Did anyone noticed there is a log4shell backdoor?

I wanted to ask if this have any relation with the exploit or is just a joke


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issue commentJays2Kings/tachiyomiJ2K

[Feature Request] An option to delete downloaded chapters

Isn't this feature already available? You just have to do it per manga at the moment using the 3dot menu. Or you delete all downloaded chapters through the settings

This delete all the downloaded chapters, regardless of whether it has already been read or not

Related commits:


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issue openedJays2Kings/tachiyomiJ2K

[Bug] can't save a splited page

Device information

  • Tachiyomi version: v1.4.3
  • Android phone & version: Black Shark 4 | Android 11

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set the split page option
  2. Open a page splitted and try to save image

Expected behavior

The original page or the current page should be saved

Actual behavior

Nothing happens

Other details

Saving work fine in other modes Using as a wallpaper don't work too

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