Hoverbear/transit 4

An attempt to track code moves over the life of a project.

BrodyHolden/ELEC484Project 1

Project for ELEC 484 at the University of Victoria

BrodyHolden/battlesnake-go 0

A Simple BattleSnake AI Written in Go

BrodyHolden/battlesnake-node-snakenado 0

BattleSnake2015 Team Snakenado (Written in NodeJS)

BrodyHolden/battlesnake-python 0

A Simple BattleSnake AI Written in Python

BrodyHolden/ 0

Box2D bindings for rust (and C)

BrodyHolden/cleanerml 0

System cleaners written in CleanerML used by BleachBit. Free disk space and maintain privacy.

BrodyHolden/highfive 0

Github hooks to provide an encouraging atmosphere for new contributors

BrodyHolden/Razor_Atmel 0

An IAR project comprising of the source code for the Engenuics Razor Atmel development boards