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Brandon Stewart Brandon300055 St. George I am a full-stack developer with experience in web and software development. See my resume @: http://👍🏼.ga

Brandon300055/lookup 1

lookup car by vin

Brandon300055/Neural-Network-From-Scratch 1

Neural Network From Scratch Also my attempt to make a more modular neuron

Brandon300055/swapp 1

Trade and Barter app web-view.

Brandon300055/avalara 0

A Ruby interface to the Avalara Tax API.

Brandon300055/ChessBot 0

I making a bot that can bet me in chess

Brandon300055/CS-2420 0

class notes and assignments

Brandon300055/ebay-sdk-examples 0

Several examples of using the eBay SDK for PHP

Brandon300055/ebay-sdk-php 0

An eBay SDK for PHP. Use the eBay API in your PHP projects.

Brandon300055/emptyGoWithVue 0


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The goal of this project is to calculator that runs is actually good.

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