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Alan Duncan BlackBears Cocoa Factory, LLC Rochester, MN

BlackBears/CCFScrollingTabBar 19

A refined scrolling tab bar for iPhone

BlackBears/CCFBrowserTextField 10

An NSTextField subclass that includes a built-in browser button.

BlackBears/AVR-library 8

Library of tools for AVR

BlackBears/CCFCustomAttributeTutorial 7

A tutorial/test app for custom attributes in NSAttributedString. Uses custom NSTextView and NSLayoutManager

BlackBears/ATtiny2313-I2C-Slave-Test 4

A test app for ATtiny2313 acting as I2C slave

BlackBears/CCFNumberPickerView 4

A scaled, slick slider-type view for numerical data entry on iOS devices

BlackBears/ATmega328-GPS-I2C-bridge 2

A demonstration project that bridges a serial GPS using ATmega328 as I2C slave

BlackBears/ATmega88-Garmin-eTrex-Legend-I2c-bridge-test 2

A test project to demonstrate how the serial GPS eTrex Legend can be interfaced to I2C bus

BlackBears/ATtiny861-I2C-ADC-slave 2

A demonstration projection showing how any ATtinyx61 can function as an ADC by becoming an I2C slave device

BlackBears/CCFURLResponder 2

Create NSNotification objects from received URL's