bhavin BhavinGupta Tata Consultancy Service Gandhinagar IT Analyst Lead iOS Developer

BhavinGupta/Multipeer-Local-Chat-Swift 4

Local chatting on iOS devices using multi-peer chat in swift

BhavinGupta/Contact-Picker 2

Select contact on one click and use that contact for sending mails, etc.

BhavinGupta/Sliding-Controller 2

Smooth Navigation Drawer for iPad and iPhone

BhavinGupta/BGLogger 1

A Dynamic Swift Logger for debug mode to print the values for your project.

BhavinGupta/Bottom-Referesh-Control-UITableView 1

Smooth scrolling bottom refresh control for table view with some objects in array.

BhavinGupta/Container-View 1

Container view using UIPageViewController with Storyboard Autolayout

BhavinGupta/Core-Data-My-Store 1

Management of store using basic implementation of core data in iOS

BhavinGupta/CustomPopUpView 1

Custom Pop Up View for iPad and iPhone using Auto Layout

BhavinGupta/Dynamic-TableView-Cell 1

Dynamic tableview cell with dynamic height as per the data populated in cell.

BhavinGupta/Form-Validator 1

Dynamic Form-Validator for UITextField in UITableView using Multi-dimensional Array