mgb BharathMG Uber India Coding Lust. Kotlin, Golang, NodeJS and a few others.

BharathMG/DesiSongs 2

Windows Phone 8 application using Nokia Music API

BharathMG/android-ios-strings 1

Tool to compare Android and iOS Strings resources. Inspired from Twine repo.

BharathMG/facebookcli 1

Facebook Command Line Interface in Go

BharathMG/airbnb 0

airbnb type ruby on rails application

BharathMG/AirbnbClone 0

AirBnb Clone

BharathMG/anaconda 0

A Go client library for the Twitter 1.1 API

BharathMG/andlytics 0

Google Play - Android Market statistics app

BharathMG/android 0

GitHub Android App

BharathMG/android-bootstrap 0

A template/bootstrap/boilerplate application that includes tons of great open source tools and frameworks.