Ark Arken94 Hello My name is Arken and I have a passion for CS and Machine Learning!

Arken94/CamelCaser 2

C program that camelCases any string.

Arken94/LanguageIdentification 2

Identify between English, French, and Italian with 99% accuracy. Uses language modeling techniques including LaPlace and Good-Turing smoothing.

Arken94/Qanda 2

Let your audiences as questions in real-time. Never raise your hand again (bit cheesy, change)

Arken94/Shell 2

Shell implementation in C. Features such as history log, search, and background processes included.

Arken94/DateEntityRecognizer 1

A Date Entity Recognizer written in python. Still needs work to account for relative dates. Absolute date recognition should be completely tested and ready for use.

Arken94/Mapreduce 1

Map Reduce implementation in C. Allows for multiple mapper instances and multiple reducer instances.

Arken94/Mini-Valgrind 1

A miniature version of Valgrind, Implemented in C.

Arken94/Text-Editor 1

A text editor implementation in C. Append, delete, and insert text. Search for text anywhere in the file.

Arken94/Vector 1

Vector and Document implementation in C. Basic vector commands included.