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Akshat Agrawal AkshatAgrawal05 Jio Platforms Ltd Indore Android | Unity | Kotlin | Python

AkshatAgrawal05/CustomBottomSheetBehavior 1

Custom BottomSheetBehavior for Android that mimic Google Maps behavior

AkshatAgrawal05/FirstKotlinProject 1

My First Kotlin project using Recycler view and Moshi for JSON parsing

AkshatAgrawal05/android-architecture-components 0

Samples for Android Architecture Components.

AkshatAgrawal05/Android-Children-Book-Reader 0

Allow parents to buy and sell children’s’ e-books on our app. The e-book will allow someone, anyone in the world, to record their voice reading a book where the child can replay.

AkshatAgrawal05/android-instant-apps 0

Samples for Android Instant Apps

AkshatAgrawal05/android-ndk 0

Android NDK samples with Android Studio

AkshatAgrawal05/Android-Studio-Plugins 0

This is a list of all awesome and useful android studio plugins.

AkshatAgrawal05/android-youtubeExtractor 0

Android based YouTube URL extractor and downloader

AkshatAgrawal05/AndroidArchitecture 0

Recommended architecture by Android


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