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Aarushi5g/Human-Detection-in-Python-OpenCV 1

OpenCV for standard image processing functions + deep learning object detector elements (such as histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) + support vector machines (SVM) + Non-Maximum Suppression (NMS)) to analyze the number of people in a given area.

Aarushi5g/A-December-of-Algorithms-2020 0

A December of Algorithms is a small collection of algorithms to implement this December. Finish it all to get a certificate. 🎄

Aarushi5g/DataStructuresInRealLife-Android 0

Data Structures in Real Life Android Application

Aarushi5g/DataStructuresInRealLife-AndroidApp 0

Data Structures In Real Life Android Application to help people understand where data structures are actually used. Includes a Vocabulary section as well with over 200+ words for your reference anytime anywhere!

Aarushi5g/GuessingGame 0

Guessing game based on basic python coding

fork vjaydeshmukh/mumbleapi

Backend/API for the, an open source social media application.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/MotionToast

🌈 A Beautiful Motion Toast Library for Kotlin Android

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fork vjaydeshmukh/foodka-angular

This is a project food ordering app for industrial tranning purpose made with Angular

fork in 6 days

fork vjaydeshmukh/Project-XE-commerce

Final year Project an E-commerce Web application build on MERN stack.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/MedKit-Pharmacy-App-Using-Flutter

To cure symptoms of various disease using medicines at home this app will act as guideline. Few animations are used and Firebase is used as database.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/UI_Challenge_Code

Code for UI challenge held on 23rd May, 2020 in our Community.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/Contact-App

A Contact management app build using React

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fork vjaydeshmukh/ecommerce-laravel-fullstack

Full-featured E-commerce Laravel application from start to finish ( excluding payments and shipping ) with clean and simple UI

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fork vjaydeshmukh/php-mysql-ecommerce

PHP / MySQL based Ecommerce website code along with Paypal payment method.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/laravel-qrcode-ecommerce

This is a complete laravel project that handles qrcodes, payments, api/microservices, and ecommerce

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fork vjaydeshmukh/ecommerce-2

Ecommerce project || Python Django

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fork vjaydeshmukh/Website-payingGUEST

An interactive website , where a seller can signup, signin , upload pictures of house to rent and at the same time a buyer can signup, sign in and choose a house to buy . Comments are being add by previous buyers, which can help present buyers in choosing houses. Seller can also edit/delete his post of home advertisement anytime.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/PayingGuest

Beta version of the PG App

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fork vjaydeshmukh/Vaccine-Availability-Notifer

An app where people can register to get notified by email whenever a Covid-19 vaccine is available in their locality.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/onlinequiz

Online Quiz || Python Django

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fork vjaydeshmukh/resume-generator-1

Generates a resume in material design.

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fork vjaydeshmukh/OnlineExamProctoring

Online exam proctoring system using face recognition and eye tracking

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fork vjaydeshmukh/Video-Chat

Video calling and chatting app (PWA) built using React.js, Web RTC and

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fork vjaydeshmukh/google-yolo-inline

A demo of how to include Google One-tap sign up anywhere on your own site

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fork vjaydeshmukh/android_inventory

Inventory app project for Udacity Android Basics Nanodegree

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fork vjaydeshmukh/top-github

Android app for browsing GitHub top repositories

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fork vjaydeshmukh/robin

🐧 Android login, made simple

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