Alexandre Morgaut AMorgaut Capgemini France Web Architect - Project Manager - Speaker - Currently working on Test automation

AMorgaut/babel-plugin-transform-class 4

A minimalist ES6 class babel transformer

AMorgaut/DevTools-Plus 2

Extending V8 remote debugger protocol

AMorgaut/eslint-plugin-replace-switch 2

ESLint plugin to forbid the "switch" statement AND FIX IT

AMorgaut/generator-wakanda-project 2

yeoman wakanda project generator

AMorgaut/grunt-wakanda 2

Start Wakanda Server

AMorgaut/binary-viewer 1

Allow to display binary content using hex-editor like interface

AMorgaut/cloud9 1

Cloud9 IDE - by javascripter for javascripters - Powered by

AMorgaut/dom.js 1

Self-hosted JavaScript implementation of a WebIDL-compliant HTML5 DOM.

AMorgaut/generator-wakanda-extension 1

Wakanda Studio Extension Yeoman Generator

AMorgaut/ace 0 Cloud9 Editor


started time in 13 days


started time in 13 days