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0xADD1E/Dotfiles 2

My Dotfiles, and some extras to make them work

0xADD1E/git_statusline 2

A simple, sweet, fast statusline fragment for git repos

0xADD1E/Databases-Project 1

Databases project for Spring '19

0xADD1E/DepSolve 1

A dependency solver using z3. Circular dependencies resolved as simultaneous

0xADD1E/Anki-Deckgen 0

CSVs to anki cloze decks

0xADD1E/base16-builder-rust 0

A Rust implementation of a base16 builder

0xADD1E/Blog 0

My blog, hosted at

0xADD1E/ColorLyne 0

A simple shell statusline, with git support

0xADD1E/docker-asciidoctor 0

:ship: A Docker image for using the Asciidoctor toolchain to process AsciiDoc content

0xADD1E/harbor-minio 0

How to use Harbor with Minio?

issue openedsfackler/rust-native-tls

Handling of errSSLPeerAuthCompleted and other non-fatal error codes

When attempting to do peer authentication with a macOS client, an error gets raised corresponding with errSSLPeerAuthCompleted. This shouldn't actually be raised, should it?

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